5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

5 Ways to Increase Your Online Sales

Availability of every business on the internet is not only a demand of today’s internet-addicted population but also the marketing strategy of a business owner. Have you seen the increase in the number of online grocery stores, food ordering apps like Uber Eats and web storefront of the shops in your neighborhood? They give a profit-earning picture of a business. But there are some online businesses who struggle to achieve the minimum percentage of online sales, even after offering high-quality products and services.

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We are unleashing 5 quick ways to increase your online sales.

  • Offer a money-back guarantee to induce more trust

    Believe it or not, even the frequent online shoppers sometimes avert from buying online due to the doubt of the potential loss, in terms of quality of the product or the best price. In such a state of dilemma, a full-proof money-back guarantee can turn the online visitors into a sale. This policy will give more fearless decision-making power to the online shopper and this confidence can be encashed.
  • Provide a smooth checkout process

    Shopping cart abandonment is causing a huge loss to online shopping businesses. As a matter of fact, an eCommerce store loses an average of 75% of its sales to shopping cart abandonment. This is because of the slow responding or complex designed or diverting shopping cart section of the online store. Try to keep the design of the checkout process clean, well-classified with all the payment fields and delivery instructions and be free from any diversion. Reasons such as couldn’t find a coupon code, general payment mode missing, having to create a user account, unexpected shipping cost, unsatisfactory return policies, etc. can shut down the buyer’s mood for making a purchase.
  • Collect and show-off customer testimonials

    Nothing is more valuable for a business than to have positive testimonials. And if you are blessed with them, do not waste time to put them up on your website. It is apparent for new businesses to struggle more on this front, but consistency and right customer management are two keys for bagging those words of enchanted shopping experiences, from your business consumers. Put the customers’ responses as “glowing” testimonial on the home page, product’s description page, landing page, and pricing page. It is not recommended to have glossy unreal testimonials from imaginary customers.
  • Connect to prospects in-person and answer every question

    While advertising and promoting your online business on different platforms such as social media, discussion forums, blog sites, et. al. be prepared to answer all the concerned questions of the prospective or existing customers. Failing to do so may end up in losing the trust in your brand. Also, the instant message by an automatic Bot may earn you some additional time to human connect with the prospect but this method cannot completely replace the human customer representative. So, do not try to save money for your business by employing robots instead of a human resource, for managing your customers’ queries and feedback section.
  • Freebies can go a long way

    The power of giving away freebies cannot be underestimated. People love free stuff. Calculate to see if it is reasonably economical to provide free stuff from your current offerings. For instances, in the service industry, you can manage to give some free consultation or trial of the software for no cost at all or reward-based incentives.

Increasing your online sales can be tough but it has proven patterns. Things that are working for big online business giants should also work for the business of any other scale. The only need is to choose the strategies which are more relatable and specific to your type of business.