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Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags were once just a simple sign or hash in one’s keyboard or keypad. People mostly ignored it until the day twitter made it sensational. At the present time, you will find hashtag signs in any social media platforms-- Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

To those who are new to the world of social media, hashtags can seem annoying and pointless. You might even question why netizens use them in their posts. However, despite its seemingly pointless facade, social media hashtags actually serve a higher purpose. This article will discuss their importance. 

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What are Social Media Hashtags?

A social media hashtag is a link that is introduced by the hashtag “#” or the pound symbol. This symbol may give confusion to many, but believe it or not, they are considered as an essential part of communicating with your target market on the internet. It turns words and phrases into an accessible link for all. It is also used to connect or link posts on specific topics. They serve as a tool to help people in finding similar topics so that they can participate in exchanging thoughts or opinions to issues that they can relate to.

By clicking the hashtag, you will be able to view an entire post that centers around a subject or a topic. For example, you are a fan of Apple and you plan to buy an iPhone 5. You just have to simply type #iPhone5 on a social media site, and you will be able to see news updates, rumors, and even hacks about iPhone5 in posts from different users in the social media platform.

Why Do People Use Hashtags?

Using hashtags are advantageous if you want to be visible on any social media site. Businesses have seen how beneficial they are to their brand. You can use them to promote your services and products. By creating a hashtag trend, you can also increase your social media presence by being more visible to your target customers. You can even use them to invite people to participate in your company event or product promo. This is also a great way to keep yourself updated on current trends on the internet, so you’ll know current interests of your target customers. Once you learn how to use them, you can definitely use them to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Social media hashtags are a great way to increase visibility; promote particular topics, events, and news; and even spread good reviews and rumors on social media sites.