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7 most effective trends in web designing for 2018

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With the advancement of technology, styles are bound to change and it is visible in the case of web designing techniques as well. Fashion, current trends, news items, cultural events, consumer demand, and product releases constantly keep influencing designs of web pages.

The website designs of today hint at the massive use of smartphones in the upcoming years. Since the year 2015, users of technology have been more comfortable using tablets and smartphones instead of computers. This explains the remarkable growth in the number of smartphone users. At present, there are approximately 1.2 billion users of mobile phones all over the world, among which 25% users from the Western world use mobile-only. People have downloaded more than 11 billion apps and 85% of the smart devices are manufactured in such a way that accessing web becomes simple and easy.

Evolution of responsive design has never ceased. On the contrary, it has become even more potent when it comes to meeting the demands of consumers for mobile accessibility. However, it has also given birth to unexpected and interesting design developments.

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Here is a list of the 7 top trends in web design that have become extremely popular and have proved immensely beneficial in the present year.

  • Straightforward and simple

    2018 can be addressed as the mobile era. This means shorter views and smaller screens as opposed to the huge screen of laptops and computers. With the increased usage of mobile phones for accessing the internet, the need for minimalist elements and content arises. So, designs are becoming more elegant, streamlined and efficient than the previous year. Designers are employing smart ways of saying more using minimal tools. The advantage of users is that they are offered a more hassle-free browsing experience.
  • Web animation

    All leading interactive designers are of the opinion that animation plays a major role in making interfaces and ideas simpler to understand. In the modern world, people are always busy and hurrying from one place to another. Keeping in mind that nobody has ample free time to spare, animation has the ability to convey complex notions in less time. Web animation has the potential of garnering attention as it is informative and engaging.

    Storytelling technique always works when it comes to capturing the attention of users. Animations and videos make the experience of web browsing appear more interactive, immersive and dynamic. So, more people are seen experimenting with animation this year in order to make their web pages look enticing.
  • Inventive typography

    When we are talking about the conflict for eyeballs, how can we forget typography which happens to be a potent weapon? The use of typography has increased by this and bounds this year. Some of the latest typography trends that have gained popularity are getting artsy and edgier, mixing fonts, custom text, serif fonts etc.

    One needs to master the rules of typography before playing with them. One of the most effective type-related trends at present is undoubtedly the one that involves typography cutouts. This technique makes use of a block of hue over a moving or still image that is presented in the form of clear lettering. Usage of a vivid text cutout immediately draws the attention of the user to the video it intends to showcase. In order to make this technique, one needs to keep two factors in mind: selecting the perfect typeface and using limited letters.
  • Faster loading and more images

    Though elegance and simplicity signify a standard web design in the year 2018, graphics and image quality have also become extremely significant. In Apple phones, screens of mobile devices include Retina displays that ensure more bright and crisp view than ever experienced before. So, customs graphics are created that are more vivid compared to the ones used in the previous year.

    Faster loading is a must for a good web page to attract users. In this busy world, nobody likes to stay on a web page that takes time to load. Parallax scrolling has become immensely popular recently. It allows fresher and better effects even for smaller sites. The outcome is users are offered ultimate seamless experience on the World Wide Web.
  • Going flat

    There was a time when web designs used to be complex and full of animations as well as GIF files. But, that time is in the past now. At present, owing to the prevalence of an increased number of smartphone users, simplicity is the latest trend. Instead of jazzy GIFs, flat and simple designs are more in vogue this year. The dominating Internet sites like Facebook and Google are using flat and basic graphics for enhancing the experience of users. This does not mean that animation is losing its charm. Animation exists to be as popular as it has been- only it is seen employing flat designs.
  • Embedding Google Maps

    Embedding Google Maps on the websites is one of the best examples of current trends in the business of website designs. The yellowish Google Map, having grey and blur lines, can be spotted almost in every web page this year. This is because all the leading web designers are customizing Google Maps in the pages of their websites. The earlier version of Google Map, however, has been replaced with the current seamless, attractive and eye-catchy Google Map.
  • Artificial Intelligence

    Gone are the days when Artificial Intelligence was just used in Science fictions. Artificial intelligence has made its place in the mainstream website design with the help of technologies such as conversational interfaces. AI has invariably become a part of our day-to-day life.

    ANI or Artificial Narrow Intelligence is used in sites like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify and many more. As chatbots are becoming sophisticated day by day, the transition of ‘artificial narrow intelligence’ to ‘artificial general intelligence’ is taking place. As the masses are becoming more comfortable interfacing with chatbots, usage of conversational interfaces is increasing. In the upcoming years, AI will be an inseparable part of the majority of the systems we use.