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Why Use a Custom CMS for Your Website?

Custom cms vs Open Source

In today’s world, businesses are now entering the digital environment to reach a wider base of audience. Getting a custom Content Management System (CMS) can help transform your business site into a better one by ensuring that you can make the necessary adjustments in no time.

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Custom CMS Interface vs. Open Source

Before you consider getting a custom CMS, you must first know the difference between a custom CMS and an open-source CMS.

WordPress is a common example of an open-source CMS. In this type of interface, the coding is open to the public, and users can easily edit and make changes when necessary.  This means that users can also copy, redistribute, and alter it to fit in different applications. Open-source systems are regularly updated by a number of people in the online community, allowing them to fix glitches and add new features.

Custom CMS is a more exclusive system that is created solely for one use, usually for a company. Through custom CMS, businesses gain more control of their site’s interface, functionality, and updates. Since the system is custom, the site’s usability and workflow have a design that fits the business’ specific needs.

Bloated Code

Open-source systems were designed to accommodate a variety of site admins. This means that it usually has a one-size-fits-all setup, making it difficult for other companies to build their website. It is possible to customize any CMS to fit a company’s workflow, but most businesses do not want to spend too much to do this.

With a custom CMS, you can build your site the way you want it to be. For a business or company website, it can be more convenient since you won’t have to adjust to a more general CMS, providing you with ideas on how your site should work.


Open-source CMS, especially the well-known ones, tend to be a more susceptible target of automated online bots.

Sites with custom CMS, on the other hand, are not the usual targets of bots. Most custom sites face problems only with people who target their websites specifically.

Plugins, Plugins, and More Plugins!

Open-source systems such as WordPress have a wide variety of plugin options that can be used for general purposes. However, this could require a bit of customization to fit your exact needs. But since plugins are usually made by third-party developers, it can be a bit of a hassle, which is why most of the time, it is the site itself that has to adjust to the plugin.

Custom-built CMS allows you to achieve your desired site without having to compromise it to fit any plugin. Rather, it works the opposite way. This is because when you develop a new custom feature, it will continue to function regardless of any updates you made. This makes custom CMS more compatible for different types of plugins that you want to add to your site.


Your business website can be a strong asset for your company. This is why it is important to select the proper CMS foundation to make your site function smoothly. You may want to consider getting a custom CMS to fit your company’s needs.