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Best Ways to End a Blog or Article

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It has been rightly said that content is the king in today’s world. While a lot is said about captivating introductions and their importance in content, the conclusion part often remains ignored. Yes, introductions can be difficult no doubt, but wrapping up your topic in an interesting way can be equally challenging.

Depending on the type of topic you are dealing with, here are some important tips that you can implement for an interesting conclusion:

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Keep It Fresh

Many times, writers end up creating similar sounding conclusions with very little variations. This can bore your reader. Similarly, conclusions that are too short or too long are also not enjoyed by the reader. Make sure the conclusion you create is well-balanced and fresh. This can help in holding on to the reader's attention

List the Key Points

If you are writing a long post that has several important points, then your conclusion must reiterate the key takeaways. This can be helpful as readers tend to forget the initial points by the time they reach the conclusion. Even for those who are briefly skimming through the document, such an informative conclusion can be useful.

Present Solutions

If the post that you have written deals with some kind of problem, then the readers may be disappointed if you leave them without any solution. The conclusion is the space that you can utilize to suggest a solution. Adding solutions gives credibility to your entire article. Further, only dwelling on the problems may make it sound like a monotonous complains and no one loves to read about complaints.

Add Relevant Links

If you have other blogs on similar topics, then the conclusion is the best way to nudge your readers to go through them too. Even if you do not have something similar but came across an informative blog on the same topic, then you can use that too.

Ask Readers to Share Your Article

If your write up is not getting the kind of readership you expect, then too conclusions can be your tool. Asking your reader to share your article through their preferred medium can have a visible impact on the readership. Remember you have worked hard on it, so there is no shame in asking for help to spread the word.

Apart from these, ending your conclusion with questions to ponder on or asking them to start a conversation in the comment section are other interesting ways to conclude. Use these tips and end your articles in just as interesting way as you started them.