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What is Link Earning? Difference Between Link Earning and Link Building

Link Earring and Link Building

Link earning is an art. It is a matter beyond the concept of link building involving the addition of significance to the content. In simple words, it is the reward that your website gets when added to another website as a reference. This aids in gaining traffic from multiple sources, strengthening your SEO game, and assembling a considerable spectrum of the audience.

The term link earning is often mistaken for link building. So, here is an article that debugs this confusion.

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Link earning vs. Link building

To be precise, if link earning is the by-product of your quality content, link building is nothing but generic marketing. The latter is the traditional format used as an SEO optimization strategy by intentionally linking your website links to spam emails, irrelevant articles, and websites run by bots.

Webmasters don’t like link building. Recently, Google has started to crack down on all irrelevant hyperlinks because eventually, the internet doesn't want to get saturated with a website link about an online course on a fashion brand. Whereas, link earning is the trick to stay relevant flawlessly for as long as you commit to producing valuable content on a website. It’s something that webmasters value as they are the consequences of your efforts to contribute to the usefulness of the Other prerequisites to retaining consumers are impressive interfaces, attractive images, and smooth navigation.

Link earning is a passive process. It requires patience to cross the threshold of the target backlinks. However, link building is an active methodology that includes marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, and sometimes heavy PR. Unlike link earning where you cannot control the backlinks that you get, link building includes strategically linking your website to online content that holds relevance to your brand. This saves your brand from being associated with malicious content with a gray reputation.

Guest Blogging, infographics, broken links, adding high authority links, email signatures, network outreach, and replicating opponents' backlinks are some link-building strategies that have proved to be successful in the past. For link earning, powerful content, an active social media strategy, and perseverance are the recipe to gain attention from webmasters and appear on SERPs frequently.


Variable opinions exist about the benefits of link building and earning, however, the differentiator here is the time and budget that one can invest to accelerate their online presence in the market.