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Guest Blogging: An Effective Tips to Guest Blogging 

Guest Blogging

Over the years, there has been speculation about the end of guest blogging. However, the technique remains one of the most reliable and effective tactics of promoting yourself and your company. Getting a link back from other websites will always be the SEO’s primary goal and search engines such as Google will always value these links. Besides, these links help Google bots to crawl the web faster and effectively.

Guest blogging is an effective link building technique as it gives you an opportunity to get contextual backlinks, share content with a broader audience, and improve your author rank. While most bloggers were alarmed with a post regarding guest blogging losing its value published by Matt Cutts, this is way far from dead. Here are tips to help you to guest post effectively.

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Create a guest post in a site of your niche

If you have a blog that revolves around blogging tips and techniques, you must find a reputable website under this specific niche that can accept your guest post. Next, create a high-quality article on that website targeting the same niche. This is likely to double your chances of getting your article published, and once it goes live, you are likely to get thousands of highly targeted readers to your site.

Create keyword-rich content

Add targeted keywords and position them strategically on your article. This doesn’t mean keyword stuffing. Use two to three relevant keywords in your article. This will help you get a good amount of search traffic to the guest article you have created and in turn, direct traffic to your site.

Don’t create an article that promotes your site

In the begging of guest blogging journey, most bloggers try to promote their blog in the guest posts they create. This is annoying. In some cases, your article may be rejected and probably get completely banned from publishing a guest post on a certain blog. So, focus on creating high-quality content that can give you traffic via a contextual backlink.

Share and publicize your article

Once your post is approved and published, consider sharing it to different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can also share the post on social bookmarking sites. This will impress the site owner and also bring instant traffic to both the site and your blog.

Guest posting is a good way to market your brand and improve traffic to your site via referral links. It also increases traffic through search engine traffic due to the backlinks your site gets from the guest pots you create and publish.