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Video Marketing Tips: 7 Ways to Promote Video Content

Video Marketing Tips

There is no doubt that video content is an integral part of a successful content marketing strategy. Indeed, video content is what is driving the internet and will continue to do so. Check around; you will realize that an increasing number of brands are using video content to connect with their audience and create a lasting relationship with them. Here are essential video marketing tips to increase your video views.

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Use thumbnail with a smile to optimize your videos

One of the essential components to drive a site user to play your videos is the video thumbnail. Let’s face it; readers do judge a book by its cover, a reason you should ‘dress’ your video for the right occasion by branding it with a highly compelling, play-worth thumbnail. Use a thumbnail image of a smiling face that makes a direct eye contact to boost the chances of your video getting played.

Run a great video campaign on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook

Is there a more effective way to drive people to play your video than offering a freebie? The best platform to do this is on different social networks such as Twitter and Facebook where users can share and spread the positive word about your offer. In turn, this will lead more visitors to your site’s landing page, and eventually, drive more users to play your video.

Include share buttons on your preferred video player

You already know how powerful social networks can be. Most internet users are likely to start and end their days on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook. This is the reason you should make sure your video viewers can easily share them on different social platforms.

Incorporate videos into your email marketing strategy

Email and videos are a match created in marketing heaven. A recent study suggests that just including the term ‘video’ in your email subject line increases the email open rates by 19 percent, boosts click-through rates by 65 percent and reduces unsubscription rate by 26 percent. Besides, having a video thumbnail on your email can enhance the engagements of that email significantly.

Share it in online communities

Consider sharing your video on LinkedIn groups, Twitter chat, Reddit, and other popular online communities in your industry. It’s wise to be actively engaged in these platforms and spreading your videos where appropriate and relevant.

Pin it to your Tweeter feed

Pinning a tweet to the top of your business or personal Twitter feed ensures the tweet doesn’t get lost in the subsequent tweets. Besides, it will drive more engagements to other valuable video tweets you had posted previously.

Request your audience to share the video

Though asking people to share your video sounds obvious, putting yourself out there can easily convince your friends to share the video and help you spread the word. It is, therefore, wise to ask your colleagues, friends, industry connections, nieces, brothers-in-law, and other people to share your video.