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Defining Newsletters and Their Importance

Defining Newsletters and Their Importance

A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building and maintaining relationships with prospects and customers. The Content Marketing Institute’s 2013 study in Content Marketing Budgets, Trends and Benchmarks found out that there are 78% of their respondents who use newsletters. A research conducted by Nielsen Norman Group revealed 90% of their respondents who prefer using newsletter than the social media.

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Just how important are newsletters? Why is there a need to use them? Here are some of the reasons why you should opt to use a newsletter:

  • Awareness
    Newsletters give you the chance to improve people’s understanding and awareness of your company and your services and products. Your prospects and customers will only have a limited idea of what your company is all about if they merely receive promotional emails and read your advertisements. Newsletter contents paint a broader picture of your company. You should include putting links to encourage your readers to know more information about your company.
  • Expertise
    Using a newsletter will show your expertise and potential as a supplier. According to a Marketing Consultant PR, newsletters with contents providing important information to prospects and customers will help make a company an industry leader. You should consider including articles that talk about the essential issues within your industry. Also, share the latest news and informative articles related to your business. Report and give minute details of the latest company conferences.
  • Promotion
    Newsletters can also be used as promotions of your products and services. You can write a press article regarding the new products to be launched. Information on exclusive offers will help improve your promotional and advertising campaigns. Special offers that will be given only to your readers will enhance the value of your newsletters. You can include other elements like putting necessary information about the launching of your new products and other promotional and advertising activities.
  • Contact
    Regular issuance of newsletters will help establish steady contact with your prospects and customers between sales or purchases calls. You can also use these newsletters to interact with key decision makers. Do this if you follow a long and complicated process when making decisions. Maintaining contact with your purchasers can improve your relationship. Let them know your company is growing year by year so you can establish trust.
  • Coverage
    Newsletters help in increasing the number of your clients. Put the information related to your newsletter on your company’s website. Then, let visitors who want to subscribe to it register on the website. This way, you can gather the contact information of your new prospects. Newsletters through emails are a cheaper alternative. With e-mail marketing, you will have more budget for your advertising and promotional activities.


Newsletters are indeed a valuable marketing tool. They help promote your business and increase the number of your customers. A reliable newsletter program with loyal followers is an essential marketing asset.  It’s advisable that you integrate it on your website and allow the public to gain access to some of its content.