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What is Content Marketing and SEO?

Content Marketing and SEO

Modern marketing is all digital nowadays. Why? Because about 90% of consumers search for businesses online. Two major aspects of any digital marketing strategy are content marketing and SEO. They’re often considered separate strategies but can go hand in hand to make one all-around excellent marketing campaign.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing takes many forms, from blog posts and video blogs to infographics and general content around your site. Typically, the aim of content marketing is to provide interesting and/or informative content that will attract an audience to your site by giving them something they want, generally for free, often followed by a soft pitch to encourage customer conversions.

However, content marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be contained to your own site. You have the option of sponsored content, as well as guest blogging on other sites, which will allow you to easily integrate SEO into your content.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your website’s “natural” or “earned” search engine rankings. Increasing the authority of your site, one of the two main aspects of SEO, means creating better content.  This makes your site more trustworthy and with higher earning links. Relevancy, the other main aspect, entails using certain keywords and phrases to appeal to a particular search audience, making your site easier to find.

Integrating Content Marketing and SEO

Often what separates SEO and content marketing is location. Because content marketing is typically deemed content on your own site intended to make your site more popular, many companies feel that content marketing reduces or eliminates the need for SEO.

However, in order to generate an audience for your content and convert that audience to customers, they need to make their way to your site.  This is where SEO comes in. Getting your links on other sites that already have reasonable authority will improve the authority of your own site, as well as generate click-through traffic. Equally important is placing your SEO links in content that is relevant to your business to ensure visibility within your target market.

Though many marketers consider content marketing and SEO to be different fields competing for the top spot in the world of digital marketing, integrating the two may be the best strategy. Interesting, informative content shouldn’t only be your goal in content marketing - all the same, guidelines should apply to your SEO marketing campaign too.